Why should I be benchmarking to improve my fundraising?

Why should I be benchmarking to improve my fundraising?

MyCake Founder Sarah Thelwall & Cause4's Director of Strategy & Programmes David Johnson answer your questions on our benchmarking dashboard.


Using benchmarking data is a great way to improve your organisation's income generation strategy. 


It can help you to see how other organisations in the same situation as you are raising their money, as well as letting you in on what the "best in class" organisations are doing.


But, when you haven't looked at our dashboard before, it can be hard to know where to start. That's why creator of the dashboard Sarah Thelwall and Head of Programme David Johnson are coming together this 18th May lunchtime to shed some light on how the dashboard functions, as well as sharing their insights into how to make the most of the data for your organisations. 


Tickets are free, so sign up now for a direct line to ask your questions about the dashboard and fundraise more strategically! 


You can find our dashboard on our website here, as well as a full report here on the insight from the latest Arts Council data.






Standard access information:

  • Slides will be made available before the session for you to familiarise yourself with them if you like. We can provide these in the colour combination/font size that is most readable for you, please request this on booking. Please let us know when booking if it would be helpful for slides to be screen reader accessible.
  • All slides will be read in full as well as being shown on screen. Any pictures or diagrams will be fully described. Videos will be described before and after being played.
  • There may be some short tasks which require unprepared writing. There is not any pressure to feedback. The tasks will be included on the slides for you to complete in your own time.
  • We may use a virtual whiteboard and encourage participants to write their ideas. The ideas on the virtual whiteboard will be shared verbally with the group.
  • At some points you may be asked to contribute in smaller breakout rooms with other participants. At the end of these, one participant may be asked to feedback to the full group. 
  • We encourage participants to keep their cameras on so that the speaker can engage with the full group. If you would be more comfortable doing so you can keep your camera off.
  • There will be one short organised break at approximately half way through the session. You can turn your camera off or take a break at any point outside this.


We are happy to arrange live captioning or anything else that you think might improve your experience and help you get the most out of the training. 

Course Staff

David Johnson

David Johnson has joined Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy as Head of Programme to help grow and deliver the programme as it moves into the Arts Council England funded National Portfolio as a sector support organisation. David joins from the Albany, an arts centre and social enterprise in Deptford, London, where he was Head of Development.