Virtual Networks Funding 2020

Virtual Networks Funding 2020

We are operating in extraordinary circumstances and many of the conventional ways that networks choose to meet, and work will no longer be appropriate as the country adapts to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, and our government’s guidance around social distancing and self-isolation. As such, Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy is bringing forward its next allocation of Networks Funding to support the sector in thinking about new ways of working – innovative approaches to virtual support mechanisms, investing in software to help existing networks to sustain themselves, and ensuring that remote, sole fundraisers can feel part of something bigger during this difficult time. We want to ensure that what emerges from these networks will be embedded so we will additionally provide support to groups awarded funding in this round through access to our pool of Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy trainers. 


CEO Michelle Wright says: "Our networks funding has always been an important part of what Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy aims to achieve. We believe that collaboration and sharing of ideas are vital for the arts and cultural sector to grow and thrive. With fundraisers more isolated than ever, and unable to build and maintain networks in traditional ways, it was crucial for us to support the development of networks that could help fundraisers. We are excited to see a range of innovation and enterprise ideas to support fundraisers adapt to a challenging environment.

We believe that now more than ever robust and resilient fundraising is essential to the arts and cultural sectors. So, we created our Virtual Networks fund to support fundraisers across the UK to adapt to this climate and continue to share ideas, build knowledge and develop new skills.

The nine Networks to receive our Virtual Networks funding:


In November we announced the three networks which we will be funding as part of our November 2020 series of Network Funding:


  • Bradford Producing Hub - they are developing ‘Get It Done: finding funds’. This will consist of a series of training sessions for 25 Bradford based artists/arts professionals who want to embed fundraising as a core part of their practice, leading to the development of an informal fundraising network.
  • Family Arts Network Sunderland - They will be holding a virtual conference and training event for Family Arts network member organisations in Sunderland, promoting access and inclusion for intergenerational families.
  • Young Black Creative Directory - This is the development of a  brand new network. They will do this by hosting a series of meetings supporting young Black arts professionals in the creative sector, giving members the opportunity to peer review work as well as project ideas and pitches, a mentoring matching service and specific training sessions in key skills to aid creative professional development.