Stregthening the Core - FAQs

Stregthening the Core - FAQs

What do I need to wear?

It’s useful to wear clothes that allow you to move freely – for some people this might be shorts or a skirt or tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt, while others might prefer leggings and a shirt or top. Anything that allows you to feel comfortable and to move will be fine. 


What kind of yoga is it?

It's a gentle and embodied form of Hatha yoga, influenced by somatics and delivered in an intentionally anti-oppressive and invitational style. Its goal is to make space for your explorations and experience, rather than to make specific shapes in particular ways. For this reason it's relatively accessible to different body types, fitness and flexibility levels. Previous participants have ranged from yoga teachers to people with limited fitness and mobility, practising with a stick or from a chair. At every point you will remain the boss and will be free to participate as much or as little as you prefer. 


Will I get sweaty and need a shower afterwards?

The yoga in this programme is designed to take your joints and muscles through a relatively wide range of motion, and requires some exertion. It will be at a relatively steady pace, though, so it’s unlikely that people will get sweaty. 


Do I need to keep my camera on?

For the discussion sections of the programme, yes. For the yoga and movement sections, you can keep your camera on or off, as you feel most comfortable. If you'd like to keep your eye on the facilitator, you might like to move your device from a table to the floor at different points in the session.


Will I need a yoga mat?

If you have a yoga mat, that's great! Some people prefer to practise on carpet or a towel - whatever you choose, make sure it's a surface that enables you to grip, so that your feet (or mat/ towel) don't slide. A hard floor can be uncomfortable to kneel or lie down on so some carpet or padding is recommended. It can also be helpful to have a blanket, cushion, pillow or other comfy supports handy for relaxation, afterwards. 


Will I need anything else?

You may wish to take some notes or to write during reflection or journalling exercises. It's handy to have a notebook and a pen or pencil with you.


Will there be any chanting?

In this programme, there won’t be any chanting, and all activities will be in English. Some Pali or Sanskrit (both ancient Indian languages) words may be shared and explained in order to clarify ideas, or where the translation to English is complex or disputed.


Will I be able to ask questions to find out more in advance?

Before the programme starts, the facilitator Milla will contact you by email to set up a short (20 min) welcome call. This will be to answer any questions you may have about the programme, and for Milla to find about your background, access preferences and any experiences you have of similar movement or contemplative practices. 


Will I need to complete any forms?

You’ll also be asked to complete a Health Background and Permissions form to enable the programme to run safely. There will also be a short feedback form at the end of the programme.


Help! My question isn't here!

Feel free to contact Sarah at Cause4 ( in the first instance. She'll then be able either to support you, or to pass your question on to the facilitator, Milla.